In this Knowledge Base Tutorial we use the program Putty, to be able to follow this Knowledge Base Tutorial you must pre-install the program Putty download.

Stap 1: Open the Putty program.

Stap 2: Fill under Host Name enter the IP Address or Host Name of your VPS.

Stap 3: Then you must press Open clicking to connect.

Stap 4: You now need to enter the username of your VPS, in most cases it is the name of the username root.

Stap 5: Now you must enter the password of your VPS as the last one, if you do this immediately after purchase, the password will be in your e-mail. If you have changed this password on the control panel, you must enter that password. Then press Enter.

Note: When entering the password, you cannot see the password for security reasons, if you want to paste the password, you must use 1x right mouse click.
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